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Our extensive portfolio of security tracers and detection devices represents the largest available globally. We lead innovation in these covert technologies, specializing in their research, development, and manufacturing.

We call our physical tracers Stardust®.

Stardust® Speed and Simplicity


A traceability system is only as good as your ability to quickly authenticate your products.

 Our advanced two-part system consists of:

  1. Stardust® Tracers – highly-engineered physical tracers.
  2. Custom Devices– in-the-field and in-line detection devices.

Stardust Secured™ products are authenticated using our proprietary, custom detection devices. 

Our hand-held devices resemble a one-button remote control that is easy to operate and can detect trace amounts of Stardust®. This device performs a repeatable, non-destructive test of any Stardust® marked product and provides immediate and unambiguous results to the user. Stardust Secured™ empowers brand owners, manufacturers, customers, or employees to perform investigations, check for authenticity, or determine provenance of Stardust® secured goods.

Quick investigations can be done post-installation, during a return or warranty examination, or prior to disposal, reuse, or recycling. Stardust® is compatible with nearly every material and host media, from polymers to paper packaging, and from coatings to textile fibers. When it comes to applications, the sky is the limit! 


Stardust® has the lifetime of diamonds, does not degrade over time, and will always be detectable.  It is practically indestructible and tenacious enough to survive extreme environments and processes including:

  • Harsh solvents and aggressive chemicals
  • High humidity, even underwater submersion
  • Extreme temperatures from furnace to dry ice
  • Direct sunlight 

Not only is Stardust® exceptionally safe for humans and the environment, but detection only requires trace amounts, lower than other functional additives.

Stardust® is entirely non-toxic, inert, and contains no heavy metals. It passed tests for food and drug contact, tested as non-leaching for use in medical implants, and will never react with or degrade the functionality of the host. Stardust Secured™ tracers do not appear on TSCA, REACH, or any other hazardous chemical lists.

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