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Our founder Edward Talyansky, Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics, worked in academia on missile sensor technology for preventing friendly fire under a military contract in the USSR during the early 1980s. He immigrated with his family to New York in 1990. Upon arrival, he began consulting for the US Government and conceived an idea to adopt the military technology to peaceful application in document security. He started conducting experiments in his Brooklyn apartment bathroom and later moved his tiny operation to a leaky warehouse in Staten Island that his family could afford.

His son and co-founder Vitaly Talyansky earned his Ph.D. in Materials Physics from the University of Maryland and started his professional career at Intel Corp., simultaneously registering Stardust Materials™, LLC in the State of Oregon in 1998.

In 2022, our company rebranded to Stardust Secured™, reflecting that we offer solutions, peace-of-mind and security—not merely security materials and devices.

Company Profile

Today, our elite team consists of Ph.D. physicists, engineers, supply-chain experts, and investigators delivering traceability, transparency, security, and iron-clad integrity to all those combating global counterfeiting, diversion, and greenwashing.

We bring decades of experience providing you with unique strategies and recommendations to protect what matters.  We invent powerful tools and total solutions that lay the foundation for industry standards.  Most importantly, we stand with you the entire way with expert 24/7 support to ensure successful implementation and long-term sustainability of your Stardust Secured™ solution.

The result: Leading edge expertise, innovation, and customized solutions and systems that offer unparalleled protection.  Authenticate your products, verify a clean supply chain, and seamlessly weed out fraud, diversion, counterfeiters, greenwashing, and more with Stardust Secured™.

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